Conisborough Housing Conditions – Medical Officer’s Report

July 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 15.

Conisbrough Housing Conditions.

County Medical Officer on Result of Survey.

The result of the housing survey, taken by the Doncaster Rural District Council three years ago in the parishes of Conisbrough and Denaby is commented upon by the County Medical Officer, Dr J.R.Kaye in a report to the Public Health and Housing Committee of the West Riding County Council.

Since the survey research was taken, Conisbrough became an urban district, and, consequently, the work accomplished by the Urban Council has only been a recent matter.

The survey in 1919 revealed, says Dr Kaye, that there were in the urban district:

62 overcrowded houses,
118 houses containing two families,
one house containing three families,
91 houses unfit for habitation,
94 houses in need of extensive repairs, of which it was estimated that 40% would require replacement, and
17 houses to be abolished for extension of works.

“These figures,” the doctors adds, “were, in my opinion, understated.”

The Urban Council commenced work, and approved a scheme for 238 houses on a site of 34.4 acres, but the Ministry of Health only proofed 32, and, quite recently, the plans for these houses, which tenders about £500 had been received, were returned, and the Council asked to submit fresh plans.

At present no houses being commenced.

With regard to the sanitary conditions of the district, Dr Kaye says that the sanitary survey just completed by his department indicates that overcrowding and its consequences had become worse.

Comparing the 680 houses in Denaby Main from a survey this year with a survey of the Doncaster 1919, Dr Kaye gives the following table:

1919 1922

Houses with lodgers, or two or more families 108 225

Houses with two families 28 93

Houses with three / four families5 1

Houses overcrowded 65 128

Houses with moral overcrowding 34

“an example is thus afforded,” he says. “of the general deterioration that has taken place in South Yorkshire and the West riding generally and this calls loudly for remedial action.”

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