Conisborough Miner Disputes his Marriage.

April 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 1901

A Conisborough Miner Disputes his Marriage.

Arthur Mannion, miner, of Conisborough, was charged with deserting his wife. Prosecutrix, said that on the 9th inst, prisoner came to the house, and when she opened the door he seized her by the throat and threatened to kill her.

She ran into the street bleeding at the mouth, and told a constable. Her husband had ill treated her on several occasions during her 18 years of marriage life. She had six children, the eldest being 13 years old.

Prisoner: Were you a married woman, when I married you?

Prosecutrix: No, I had been married three years, but my husband was dead, and is dead yet. (Laughter.)

Prisoner: Were you at the funeral?

Prosecutrix: No; I was in the workhouse at the time.

Prisoner: Did you show the priest your marriage lines?

Prosecutrix: Yes

Prisoner: Gentlemen, she was a married woman. When I married her, and her husband is living today. I found her out and left her.

In the witness box Prisoner said the priest told him he was unlawfully married and he therefore refused to live with her. He visited his wife’s mother some time ago, and she told him that his wife’s former husband was alive.

For the assault defendant was fined 40 shillings, including costs, and the Bench also granted the wife a separation order for eight shillings weekly

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