Conisborough Modern School Party

July 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 14th, 1939

Conisborough Modern School Party

Last night classrooms of the Conisborough modern school were given over to supplying entertainment for the hundreds of parents and visitors to the schools annual indoor garden party.

The attractions ranged from aunt Sally┬┤s to a shooting gallery and from miniature golf to dancing, each teacher being responsible for at least one item on the programme.

A boxing booth attracted the vast number of children, Messrs Hobson and Huck where in charge of the boxing booth, the golf was in the hands of Mr. Mainman, Messrs, C Show, and Mr. Phillips directed the shooting gallery. The targets were electric globes and wireless valves.

Mr. Mitchell was responsible for the blow football, while further down the corridor members of 6 forms of the girls school took part in a display of gymnastics under the direction of Mrs. Carter and Haigh.

Tea was supplied by neatly dressed little scholars and almost next door the visitors could waltz or fox trot to the strains of the School grammar phone.

A play was presented through the effort of Mrs. Faulkes

The proceeds will be devoted to a fund for Christmas treats and additional sports equipment.

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