Conisborough News

December 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 23.

Conisbrough News.

Yesterday, the children attending the Board Schools were each presented with buns and fruit by Mrs and Miss Greaves, on the breaking up of school for Christmas holidays.

The members of the football club intend to have a paperchase tomorrow (Saturday), leaving the Read Line at three o’clock. It is also their intention to have a dinner at the above named hotel on Wednesday next.

On Wednesday, being St Thomas’s day, the usual dole money was distributed to the widows and needy families by the vicar and churchwardens.

The usual fortnightly temperance meeting was held on Tuesday evening. Psalms and duets were sung by Mrs Horton, Miss E.S.Scholfield, of Doncaster and Mrs Wood. A reading was given by the vicar, the reverent G. Wood, and a recitation by Miss Haye. The proceedings throughout were very interesting and well attended.

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