Conisborough Notes – Beautiful Village – Butcher buys a Refridgerator

August 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 3

Conisborough Notes.

Conisborough at its Best

Conisborough, is now looking at its very best, and no wonder so many visitors visit our district.

The woods and crags are much in demand for picnics and parties and the scene of many jolly parties. The very stately trees which abound near the Priory neighbourhood are very much admired just, and add a finish to the all panorama of beauty.

Mr Kilner’s new house, which is building, Queen Elisabeth style has added much to the picturesqueness of the Castle Avenue, and he is to be envied on having such a lovely prospect from such a charming residence.

I understand Mr H.J.Sharpe is building a residence in the Avenue, and judging from the foundations. Just got in, he has designed a very commodious building, which will, likewise, command a very pretty view, and further adorn this sylvan district.

The Cadeby Main miners go to Liverpool on Saturday week, August 11 and will leave Mexborough per train at 4:45 and 4:55 a.m. this excursion, being always popular, a big application for tickets is anticipated.

Some very pretty and well finished residences have just been erected opposite Conisborough Great Central Railway Station, which are admirable specimens of modern buildings. They are both useful and elegant, and are a credit to the designer.

Refridgerator Purchased

Mr Revill, of, West Street, who is one of the up-to-date butchers, announces that he has purchased a refrigerator, which, during such weather as we have had lately, will be a very useful adjunct to his business.

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