Conisborough Notes – Water, Census and Dancing at the Castle

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 10

Conisborough Notes

We are in a fog, and no mistake! Where can you find me a parish in such a tangle as we are, at present?

After 10 years negotiations. We are still without water.

Our sewage scheme requires attention, and Urban Powers or as far off as ever. As to going to Sheffield for water this idea is absurd when it is on the spot for 6d per gallon. Surely mature thought will quash the Sheffield scheme! Water is wanted and water must be obtained at once, or an epidemic is certain to follow as a consequence.

The census returns for Conisborough are a revelation. Our designation is now gone far ahead of the term village, and we may be justly called “town.” Surely a township with a population of 8546 ought to have Urban Powers? The time will come, and sooner than anticipated.

Music and dancing is provided each Monday and Thursday in the Castle grounds, and is evidently much appreciated, judging from the large number of visitors and residents who indulge. Such pleasant exercise could not be enjoyed in beautiful or historic surroundings, and the idea of the promoters is a commendable one.



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