Conisborough Nursing Association – Intent to Withdraw Support

October 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 13

Conisborough Nursing Association

The Conisborough Nursing Association was formed a few years ago, and I think no one can deny that is has served a very useful purpose and thoroughly justified its existence. The nursing work has been done with assiduous care and sympathy, and the records prove the necessity of such an organisation.

Part of the nurseĀ“s time is devoted to school children and for this portion of her work the W.R. County Council makes a contribution to the Association towards the salary of the nurse, the balance of her salary is dependent upon voluntary subscriptions.

The Management Committee fixed the very moderate sum of a penny per week per family as the amount to be subscribed in order to secure the services of the nurse in time of illness, and it was hoped that arrangements would be made at all the works for this small sum to be paid to some responsible person employed there as the easiest way of collecting the pence.

The Conisborough workmen of the Yorkshire Main Colliery at Edlington have supported the movement from its inception, and as their numbers is large their contributions may be said to be almost essential to the continued existence of the scheme. It should be understood that the workers at other firms have been equally loyal to the scheme, but that is by the way.

I am informed that recently notice has been received from the representatives of the Yorkshire Main workers of their intention to cease their organised contributions.

From what I am able to gather this step is not being taken through any dissatisfaction with the services of the nurse, or with the management of the scheme, upon which the committee the workmen at Yorkshire Main are represented, but that they contend that the work of District nursing should be done at the cost of the Urban Council, it is true, have fairly wide powers, but they can only do work, or finance work, which is defined in the various Acts of Parliament from which their powers are derived, and they have no power to contribute any part of their funds for work of the kind under description.

Negotiations are going on between the Management Committee and the workers which will, I sincerely hope, result in the Yorkshire Main workmen continuing the splendid support they have hitherto rendered to this admirable social service.

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