Conisborough School Board – Attendance Officer’s Salary

October 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 15. 1880

Conisborough School Board.

The usual monthly meeting of this board was held on Thursday evening last, Dr Hills in the chair.

Other members present Messrs C.Kilner, J.Wigfall, E.Greaves, and G.Walker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were red and confirmed.

Mr Wigfall begged to propose that. Mr Kilner be appointed the treasurer of the board in Hayes (Mr Wigfall’s) place, as Mr Kilner was in thehabit ofmore frequently going to Doncaster, where the boards banking account was kept.

Dr Hills seconded the motion, which was carried.

The Clerk presented the annual accounts of the board, made up 29 September last. These, with the vouchers were carefully examined, by the board, and signed by the Chairman as correct.

The Clerk said the next business was the motion of Mr Wigfall, of which notice was given at the last meeting.

Mr Wigfall thenmoved thatthree month’snotice to be given to Mr Downs, attendance officer, and at the expiration of three months, he be offered the same office at £12 per annum, instead of £20 as heretofore.

As Mr Downs was ill and unable to be present, he had sent word that he was not prepared to accept the office at any less salary than at present, and if they decided to reduce it he was prepared to give up the appointment forthwith on payment of his present quarter’s salary.

A lengthy conversation followed, the majority of the members considering that Mr Downs was by no means overpaid for the work he hadto do; and, although they might possibly get a person at a less salary, they did not think the work will be done near so efficiently as it had been done by Mr Downs; the result, therefore, was that no one seconded Mr Wigfall’s motion, and it fell to the ground.

The following cheques were then signed;

Mr Downs salary five pounds;
Mr Holmes salary four pounds;
audit stamps three pounds;
Mr Greaves, school account, £38;
petty cash £1 8s.

The board soon afterwards adjourned

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