Conisborough School Board – Election – Results

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 12.

Conisborough School Board Election.

The triennial election of School Board members took place at Conisborough yesterday.

There were no less than 14 candidates for the seven seats. Rather an unusual amount of interest was centred in the contest, and much speculation was rife as to who would be elected members.

As to polling stations at suffice for the electors to record their votes, one being at the Rossington Street schools, New Conisborough, and the other at the Board Schools Conisborough. Pauling was very slow in the early part of the day at most places, but in the afternoon and evening became considerably brisker.

Messrs Appleyard, Norwood, and Booth made a bold bid for seats, as it Messrs Kilner and Dray, who ran as candidates together.

Mr Robinson, as the Labour candidate, solicited the support of the working-class population. The rest of the candidates also set forth their ideas and views by means of handbills, confidently anticipating seats.

The polling stations were closed exactly at eight o’clock, and accounting operations were immediately commenced, several of the old members and candidates being in attendance.

There were 1200 voters on the register, and of this number 1002, voted.

The result, which will no doubt cause some little surprise on account of two of the old members, Messrs Gillott and Booth, been defeated, was made known about 10 o’clock, to a large crowd assembled round the Board schools at Conisborough.

The usual vote of thanks was accorded Mr F.E.Nicholson, of Doncaster, was ably assisted by several other gentlemen. It was intimated that they were 10 spoilt votes. The result is appended:


George Henry Hirst, miners, check weighman 1272.
Arthur Dickinson, colliery check weighman 909.
*David Robinson, bricklayer 740
*Edward Ravenscroft, miner 694
George Kilner, glass bottle manufacturer 584
*John Dunkerley, grocer, and draper 469
*William White Norwood, veterinary surgeon 379

Not elected:

Henry Baker, Brewers agent 349
Herbert Henry Wray pawnbroker and auctioneer 295
William Wilson, timber merchant 286
William Jones, blacksmith275
*Thomas Rogerson Booth, timber merchant 258
William Appleyard, farmer 201.
*John Gillott, Brewers traveller 111.

The * denotes old members of the Board












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