Conisborough School Board – New Schoolmistress – Sewing Success

October 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 17.

Conisbrough School Board.

The monthly meeting of the above Board was held in the Board Room, Conisbrough, on Thursday evening last, the ninth inst.

D r Hills was in the chair. Other members present: Major Grantham, J Blyth Esq and C Kilner Esq.

Mr Ferdinand, the retiring clerk and Mr Holmes, the newly appointed clerk, were present.

Mr Ferdinand stated that in accordance with a minute past at the last meeting offering the appointment of infants mistress to Miss Thursa Fursly, he had written that lady acquainting her. With the decision of the Board, and had received a reply stating that in the meantime she had accepted another appointment, and hence could not come.

He (Mr Ferdinand). After conferring with the Chairman and major Grantham, then wrote Mr Woodall of Manchester, who stood next on the list, but she also had or was about to accept another appointment.

He then wrote to Miss Broadbent, who stood third on the list, and she had accepted the appointment. It now remained for the board to confirm the same.

On the motion of major Grantham, seconded by Mr Kilner, Miss Broadbent was appointed infants mistress of the Board School.

Mr Ferdinand then stated that a year ago the Board decided to try the Government system of sewing in the schools. It had now been worked for 12 months. The amount actually spent materials etc was £22 2s 1d. For articles or goods sold there received £21 0s 7d and there was stock in hand amounting in value to £11 15s, so there was a working balance left of £10 13s 6d.

On the motion Mr Blyth, seconded by Mr Kilner, the Board expressed their unanimous and perfect satisfaction with the manner in which the sewing department of the schools had being carried out during the year.

The amount of drawing grant which are just been received was £5 11s 6d.

On the motion of Mr Blyth, seconded by the Chairman, a cheque was given to major Grantham for £36 for salaries etc

the annual accounts of the Board were then submitted by Mr Ferdinand. The following financial statement of income and expenditure for the year ended 20 at September last, was signed by the Chairman on BR for the Board as correct:


Balance in hand, September 29, 1878 78 6 11

Government grants196 7 4

Payments to Treasure by Rating authorities467 8 9

School fees and books sold to children 156 11 10

Hire of room and screens 3 0 0

Rent of cottage 7 0 0

Total 908 9 10


Salaries of Officers of the Board 40 0 0

Repayment of Principle of loans 70 0 0

Interest on loans110 19 0

Legal and other expenses9 15 6

Salaries of teachers381 11 4

Books, Apparatus and Stationary 18 17 0

Fuel and light and repairs, etc 48 13 3

Rents, rates, taxes and insurance 9 010

Other expenses of maintenance 13 14 9

Alterations to school buildings 6 8 4

In hands of Treasurer 199 9 10

Total 908 9 10

The chairman (Dr Hills) said as this was the last meeting at which they were to have the services of their old clerk (Mr Ferdinand) he thought before they separated the ought to pass a resolution to be entered upon the minute, expressing their high appreciation of his services.

He believed he expressed the opinions of the rest of the members of the Board, when he said that Mr Ferdinand had performed his duties faithfully, and they were sorry to have to lose him as their clerk. In resigning the clerkship, he would carry with him. The unanimous approval and respect of the Bought, for the faithful and excellent manner in which he had invariably perform his duties, and the all that their experience with Mr Holmes, their new clerk, would be sought as to earn similar approval and respect. He begged to move that a resolution, embodying the foregoing remarks, be entered on the minutes.

The motion was seconded by major Grantham, and ably supported by Mr Kilner and Mr Blythe, each, conccurring in all that had been said by the chairman.

Mr Ferdinand, in reply, said he thanked them for the kind manner in which they had been pleased to speak of his services. He had had an equal pleasure in doing his duty, and although he would no longer be their clerk, yet he should continue to do all he could to help on the work of the Board.

The next meeting of the Board is to be held on 4 November

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