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October 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 13/10/1923

Conisboro´ Council

Setting Up a Motor-Car

Economy With Progress: Mr. Brockleby´s Review

Mr. H. Hulley presided at the monthly meeting of the Conisborough Urban Council on Wednesday.

Mr. John Brocklesby reported that the Sanitary and Highways Committee had decided to recommend the purchase of a motor car for the use of the surveyor, in order to assist him in the supervision of outside work.

The Chairman pointed out that the car was not to be bought for joy-riding, but simply to facilitate the Council´s work.

Mr. Brocklesby moved that the council buy a standard car for the use of the Surveyor for deputations, and in certain circumstances to be used in conveying the employees to and from their work:- The resolutions was adopted.

Rate Reduced

The Clerk (Mr. H. Marshall) announced that the rate for the forthcoming half-year had been fixed at 3s 2d., a drop of 4d. It was expected that the new rate would realise £9,747 11s 11d.


A letter was read from the County Council with regard to the proposed new public elementary school at Conisborough. It was stated that the school would be provided to accommodate 100 children, and to be used solely for the Conisborough Urban District Council area.

Mr. Arthur Roberts, J.P., wrote, as Secretary of the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Committee, asking that a deputation might be arranged with the Council, in order to discuss the proposal of a footpath along the North Cliff, from Denaby to Conisborough.

Owing to the difficulty of obtaining houses in the town, the West Riding County Council wrote requesting that one of the houses of the new housing scheme be set aside for use as a permanent caretaker´s house in connection with the Morley Place Council School.

New Burial Ground for Denaby

A letter was read from the Ministry of Health with reference to the proposed new burial ground which is to be provided at Denaby Main. The Ministry required to be informed as to the terms on which the land is to be bought. The new cemetery will be provided on behalf of the Urban District of Conisborough and the parish of Conisborough Parks.

The Water Scheme

Mr. H. C. Harrison referred to the visit of Mr. R. C. Cox an Inspector of the Ministry of Health, who conducted an enquiry with reference to the Council´s application for a loan of £3,250 for the purpose of water main extensions and other improvements. Mr. Harrison said that the Inspector was in the main, in favour of the Council´s proposal.

Progress With Economy

Mr. Brocklesby spoke at some length on the important schemes which have been undertaken by the Council. People he said were watching these very carefully, and some were perhaps disposed to think them extravagant. They ought to be very careful before undertaking further expenditure. He would like it to be clearly understood that they had adopted certain proposals, only after the most scrupulous considerations.

They had decided to increase the Council´s administration staff. This decision was arrived at only after all the details had been considered, and in view of the important work which would be commenced in the near future. He was convinced that extra assistance was necessary. It was true they were undertaking a lot of work and spending a lot of money.

Notwithstanding the important work they had decided upon the rates were on the decline. The rates were only ½ d. in the pound more than before they obtained urban powers. In view of the work that was being done, it was highly gratifying that they could carry on with so slight an addition to the rates. He was not one of those who cried for reduction of rates and for the avoidance of all expenditure. All he asked was that they got value for money. He was fully persuaded that the work they were about to undertake was desirable and that additional assistance was imperative. The purchase of the motor would increase the efficiency of their staff and the investment would be justified by the result.

Scarlet Fever Prevalent

He regretted that scarlet fever was prevalent in their district. Conisborough was suffering more than any other part of the locality, and he would like to see the conditions altered. Their neighbours at Mexborough were retreated very leniently in the matter. He would be glad to hear of his suggestions which would help them to overcome the conditions responsible for the outbreak.

Dr. Macarthur (Medical Officer), thought that if all the schools were thoroughly disinfected some good might result.

The Chairman explained that the estimates for conversations were now ready and that these improvements wold assist in fighting the disease.

A “Menace”

Mr. W. B. Wells referred to the state of the North Cliff Road, which he described as a “menace to the Community”. He asked if anything could be done to improve it.

The Surveyor said it would be a waste of money to carry out any improvement until the road was widened.


Mr. C. H. Harrison, Mr. John Brocklesby, and the Surveyor were chosen to attend the enquiry at Sheffield, with respect to the supply of electricity in the Southeast of Yorkshire area.


Application is to be made to the Ministry of Health for their approval of rentals of 8s. 6d. per week for houses of the parlour type. And of 7s. 6d. non-parlour, for the 30 houses now in course of erection The fees to be paid the Surveyor for the architectural work in connection with the new scheme for the erection of 240 houses will be at the rate of £2. 10s. per house.

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