Conisborough Urban Council – Retirement of the Clerk

March 1924

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 15.

Conisborough Urban Council

Retirement of the Clerk

Intervention of the Ratepayers Association.

The outstanding matter of discussion by the Conisborough Urban District Council at their meeting on Wednesday, was the resignation of the Clerk, Mr H.M.Marshall, around which arose a considerable controversy regarding the transaction of business in public, and the extent to which outside voluntary bodies should influence the deliberations of the Council. The estimates for the half-year were approved.

J.H.Brocklesby, moving the adoption of the estimate of £10,685, which requires a rate of 3/2 in the pound as during the last half year, said: “When we take into consideration the work done during the year, we may well be satisfied that the rate is not greater. I feared as time went on, that we should have a deficit. We have a small balance. We have accomplished a lot of work. I thought we were going too fast, but the improvements which have been affected, such as none can close their eyes to. There are the two streets and pavements, and street lighting – it has been said that our streets are better lit than those of Sheffield.

The estimate was adopted.

Terms for Electricity Supply.

In reply to a question by Mr Norwood, it was stated that Messrs Brocklesby and Harrison, representing the Colliery Company, met representatives of the Electrical Distribution of Yorkshire Ltd

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