Conisborough Urban District Council – First Elections

April 1921

Mexborough Times, April 9th

Conisborough Urban District

The First Election

Astonishing Labour Rout

Polling took place in the first election of a Conisbrough Urban District Council. The result was declared at 10 o’clock last night in the Church Hall, Conisbrough, by Mr H.M.Marshall, the returning officer.

The result was awaited by a large crowd, and most of the successes were greeted with cheers. Some surprising returns were announced.

The polls in the various wards were headed by Mr W.Smith, CG Wheeliker, Mr R Williamson, Mr H Hulley, and Mr J Brocklesby.

The astonishing feature of the election was the extraordinary ill success of the official Labour candidates,who onlyobtained two seats with 15 men, the two returned being Mr Shelton (Denaby), and Mr Urch (South), the chairman of the late Conisbrough Parish Council, and the only member of that body to secure election.

Of the late Denaby Parish Council, three of the four members contested were returned. Of the three “comrades” two were elected. No “Federation” candidate was returned. Seven independent candidates, contested separately, were returned.

The results are as follows:

North Ward.


Harold C. Harrison, colliery agent 595

Ralph Williamson,engineer 347

Thomas Oxley. “Comrades”secretary 312

Not elected:

Herbert Wray, pawnbroker 276

Philip Bond Saul, miner, 135;

George Smith, miner, 103;

Alfred Davies, miner 84

South Ward.


William Smith, schoolmaster479

Silvester Charles Urch,glassworker 307

William Barker Wells, colliery weigh 266

Not elected:

Francis Ogley, gentleman, 249;

John William Raynor, barman, 176;

George Hedworth, colliery banksman, 155;

William Harrison Barwell, teacher, 142

East Ward.


John Brocklesby, gentleman 533

William White Norwood, vet333

James Morratt Heys, teacher 233

Not elected:

Joseph Edward Platts, Fettler 207;

George Smithson, labourer, 207;

Ellis Broke, glass bottle makers manager, 165 ;

Thomas Hill, check weighman, 150;

Francis Hare, Butcher,109;

Thomas Hagger , glass worker, 95

West Ward


Harry Hulley, colliery manager 494

Ernest Robinson, building contractor 367

Alfred Edward Berry, milk dealer 250

Not elected:

Phares Benton, colliery over man,238 ;

George Andrew Chadfield, miner,178;

Thomas J Gregory, miner, 177;


Gomersall, glass worker,129;

Francis George Clarke, miner, 77

Denaby Ward


George Wheeliker, colliery timekeeper 410

H Dutton

J Shelton

Not elected:

John Feeney, miner 221 ;

Job Pond Endledow works Foreman 241;

Joseph Braham miner 109

Mr William Smith, thanked the electors in the South Ward for electing him at the top of the poll. He would endeavour to do his best on the new Council in the interests of the whole of the district.

Mr S.C. Urch said he had got when he had expected to be – second on the poll. He was pleased the fight had been a clean one, and being a working-class man himself, he would work in the interests of the working classes.

Thanks were also recorded to the electors by other successful candidates.

North Ward

H C Harrison (3 years) Chairman

R Williamson (2 years)

T Oxley (1 year) SouthWard W Smith (3 years) S C Urch (2 years) W B Wells (1 year) EastWard J Brocklesby ( 3 years) Vice Chairman W W Norwood J M Heys West Ward H Hulley (3 years) E Robinson (2 years) A E Berry (1 year) Denaby Ward George Wheeliker (3 years) H Dutton ( 2 Years ) J Shelton (1 Year)

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