Conisborough Urban District Elections (pictures)

April 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times April 26th

Conisborough Urban District Elections

East Ward:


J. Brocklesby (Ratepayers´) 330

Not Elected:

W. Linstead (Labour) 174

South Ward:


I. Webster (Ratepayers´) 330

Not Elected:

J. T. W. Collins (Labour) 206

H. W. Gillott (Independent) 102

North Ward:

T. J. Gregory (Lab.) Unopposed

West Ward:

A. Roberts (Lab.) Unopposed

Denaby Ward:

G. A. Chadfield (Lab.) Unopposed

The counting of the votes cast took place at the Church Hall. There were more supporters of the Labour Party to witness the count than has been the case in Conisborough before. The East Wards votes were counted first and it soon became apparent that the retiring member would be re-elected. When the figures were announced it was found that Mr. Brocklesby had polled nearly two votes to Mr. Linstead´s one. The South Ward being a three cornered contest required a little more “reading”. One could judge that Mr. Collins had topped the two hundred mark, and when Mr. Gillott was seen to have recorded about one hundred it could be inferred that Mr. Webster would come out on top, when one knew that over six hundred votes had been recorded. When the figures were announced it was found that Mr. Webster had polled more votes than his opponents put together.

At 8.45, when Mr. Marshall announced the result to a small crowd outside, many persons had not realised that the count would be so expeditious, but there were only two ward to count.

Mr. Brocklesby, after proposing a vote of thanks to the Returning Officer, thanked the electors for their support. He said he would try to bear the heavy responsibility and to give the best satisfaction. He was glad that the election had been pleasant except for one incident. He would do his level best to please everybody and would oppose nothing which would benefit five-eighths of the persons living in the district. His election had been fought apart from politics, and he would try to do his duty to all. He thanked them and hoped that when his period was done they would all be able to say “well done.”

Mr. W. Linstead, in supporting the vote of thanks, said that he had had a good fight but had lost by about two to one. He was not a “twister” and would ask for an apology.

Mr. Collins also supported and noted that his audience was mainly working class. He greeted them in the name of the worker. He felt that all the efforts of the Labour Party had been put in but unfortunately they had lost. He hoped that next time the workers would respond and support with their votes. It was the first time he had witnessed a count and it had been all right. He was pleased that there was a Labour majority on the Council and hoped that next time there would be a sweeping Labour majority. At this point a voice from the crowd interposed “It would be all right if Labour knew how to spend money.”

Mr. H. W. Gillott also added his quota to the vote. He stated that he congratulated the winner and he thanked the Labour Party for the spirit in which they had fought. He wished that he could say the same about the other party. Mr. Marshall replied with thanks on behalf of his father, and stated that he had received the same courtesy as his father had always experienced at Coinsbrough.

1923 Result:

East Ward:

W. W. Norwood (Ratepayers´) 322

A. Roberts (Lab.) 203

South Ward:

J. Drabble (Ratepayers´) 379

S. C. Urch (Lab.) 309

1922 Results:

East Ward:

J. Maxfield (Ratepayers´) 272

E. Brooke (Lab.) 131

J. E. Platts (Ex-service) 81

F. Robinson (Ind.) 18

South Ward:

W. B. Wells (Ind.) 341

T. Hill (Lab.) 238

J. Hall (Ind.) 98

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