Conisborough Victoria’s Successful Season

April 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 14


Conisboro´ Victoria (Ladies) 8, Hickleton 3.

At Conisboro´. With Conisboro´ playing up the slope there was a very evenly contested first half, each side scoring once. On turning round the home ladies had more of the play and Hickleton were also aggressive. Victoria got seven goals, whilst Hickleton replied twice. Conisboro´s scorers were Miss E. Rawding 4, Miss P. Akester 2, and Miss B. Piper 2. The last match is at Wath on Saturday.

Conisboro´ Victoria´s Successful Season

Victoria (Men) have now completed the seasons programme, in which 24 matches were played. Of these 19 were won, 3 were drawn, and 2 lost. One mixed match has been played, and that was won 8-3 at Normanby Park.

The chief goal scorers in men´s matches were: R, Oar 40 (including 7 hat tricks), B. B. Clarkson 24 (with 3 hat tricks), E. N. B. Meacock 18, A. G. Moore 7, and D. gow 7.

In all, the men scored 106 goals, and had 31 recorded against them.

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