Woman’s Dash into Blazing House – Daughter saved – Baby Burned to Death.

February 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 17.

Conisborough Woman’s Dash into Blazing House

Daughter saved but Baby Burned to Death.

A former Conisborough woman, Mrs Ethel Thompson, whose parents, Mr and Mrs Tom Nicholson reside in Conan Road, Conisborough, proved herself a heroine on Monday when she rescued her two-year-old daughter, Barbara, from their blazing home and then returned to make a vain bid to reach her 13 months old baby Edna.

Mrs Thompson, who before her marriage four years ago to Mr Harold Thompson, a slaughterman, was for three years a bus conductor in the employ of the Mexborough, and Swinton Traction Company, resides in Londesborough Terrace, Marmaduke Street, Hull, and it was there that the fire occurred.

Mrs Thompson had gone to a corner shop, leaving Barbara in the kitchen and Edna asleep in her cot in the front bedroom. Mrs Nora Chambers, of Alma Terrace, whose house backs onto that of Mrs Thompson, saw smoke rising from Mrs Thompson’s backyard, but was not unduly perturbed as she thought Mrs Thompson might be burning rubbish. When the smoke thickened however she climbed the wall and on looking into Mrs Thompson’s yard, saw that the house was ablaze.

Mrs Thompson was hurriedly summoned and found the front door and passageway a mass of flames, but she succeeded in reaching Barbara, who terrified, was standing near the kitchen door. She brought the child to safety and then went back for Edna; but the stair was blazing and the banisters had fallen down. She staggered from the house exhausted and burned, and neighbours led her struggling away. Firemen made desperate efforts to reach the baby, but they too were forced back by flames, heat, dense smoke and steam.

First news of the tragedy reached Conisborough on Tuesday morning, when neighbours read the account of Mrs Thompson bravery in the morning newspapers and broke the news to Mrs Nicholson. Shortly afterwards a letter arrived from Mrs Thompson’s neighbours, and Mrs Nicholson at once set off for Hull. Mrs Thompson is staying with friends

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