Conisborough Woman’s Sad End – Drowned at 83

March 1921

Mexborough Times, March 26.

Drowned at 83
Conisborough Woman´s Sad End

Mr H.S.Essenhigh, the deputy coroner for the Borough of Doncaster, held an enquiry at the Guildhall on Monday concerning the death of Emily Ann Laurence (83), who had lived with her son at Low Road, Conisborough, and whose body was recovered from the River Don, at Marshgate, Doncaster, on Sunday morning.

Her son, Richard James Laurence, a colliery screen man, told the deputy coroner that his mother had lived with him for the past 12 months. She had been in feeble health, and had been attended by Dr Forster. On account of great age, she became somewhat queer in her habits.

On Wednesday, January 5, she set off to visit some friends who lived in Castle Grove, some 200 yards away, and near to the River. She left about five o´clock, and as she did not return he made enquiries. He found that she had not been seen at their friends, who had been out, and at 8.30 that night a shawl, and apron, with her purse, were found on the riverside.

Their friend´s house was on a short distance from the river. She would only have 20 or 25 yards to go down the passage to get to the river. The passage led down to the ferry and the pleasure boats. He informed the police when she could not be found. He identified the body

The deputy coroner, in registering a verdict of “found drowned” remarked there was no evidence to show how she got into the water. Owing to her great age, she might have fallen into the River, having missed her way in the dark. He expressed his sympathy with the relatives, adding that it was a very sad thing for a woman, after living to such a great age, that she should have met her death under such circumstances.

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