Conisborough Parish Council. – Grave Digging

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 11.

Conisborough Parish Council.

Grave Digging.

A Short Meeting.

There was not much business to be transacted at an ordinary monthly meeting, held on Monday evening. Mr C Holmes presided and the members present were Messes G.H.Hirst, G.Robinson, W.Revill, Henry Baker, F Ogley, Wilson, Walker and J Brocklesby, with Mr J Hawksworth (clerk) and Mr Hodgson (cemetery caretaker)

Grave Digging.

The chairman said he had one matter to bring forward with regard to burial matters, and that was the digging of the graves in the rocky part of the cemetery.

At the request of the cemetery manager he went to the cemetery, and saw that it was very difficult to dig out the graves in that part of the cemetery. The further they got up the hill the harder the rock got. When they got down six or seven feet the limestone got so hard, that it was almost impossible to work it with the tools they had at present. He thought they ought to use some explosive to blast the graves out. At present it took a long time to get one grave out, and it might be a very serious matter.

He (the chairman) thought something ought to be done; either get some gunpowder or dynamite.

Mr Baker asked if Mr Hodgson would be able to manage the blasting operation.

Mr Hodgson said he could do a bit.

Mr Baker said it was a very serious matter, and one that wanted their attention.

The Chairman said the graves have been digging had been easy enough, being mainly loose earth. It was now very different.

Mr Walker: you could buy cartridges for blasting.

Mr Ogley expressed the opinion that they ought to be provided with something.

Mr Baker suggested that. Mr Walker, of Balby, the gentleman who sank the Hickleton pit, be asked to give lessons to Mr Hodgson.

The Chairman said he would rather have a local man.

After some discussion, it was decided that Mr Russell, a gentleman living in the neighbourhood, be asked to give Mr Hodgson a few lessons.

After this the ordinary business of the parish Council commenced

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