Conisbro’ Man once sentenced to be Shot

January 1963

South Yorkshire Times 5th January 1963

Conisbro┬┤ Man was once Sentenced to be Shot

Strong convictions, music, and teaching are important factors in the life of a native of Conisbrough, Mr John Hubert Brocklesby (73), who died in the Memorial Hospital, Scunthorpe on Saturday, as a result of a fall at his home at Barton on Humber.

Mr Brocklesby was a conscientious objector in the First World War, and when he was called up he was placed in the non-combating Corps. In refusing to obey orders, he was court martialed and sentenced to be shot, but after intervention he was sent to Maidstone prison until the war ended.

He then joined the society of friends, and travelled to Russia, Austria and Peniber, north of Zanzibar.

Music was Mr Brocklesby’s great love and he learned to play the organ at Conisbrough Parish Church when he was very young, and at the age of 17 he became organist at Conisbrough Methodist Church, and later became an Associates of the Royal College of Organists. He was very interested in choral music. For many years he was organist in a Scunthorpe church, and was a former secretary of the Scunthorpe Music Festival. He could perform adequately on all stringed instruments, besides playing the organ and piano.

In Russia.

While he was in Russia, with the Society of friends, “Bert” as he was known to the family, could not do without music. His younger brother, Harold, who lives in Holywell Lane, Conisbrough, joined him in south-east Russia and there he formed a quartet, with himself, his brother, another Englishman and a Russian. The authorities heard about this and asked them to perform, and the quartet gave a series of recitals in the Russian town.

In later years. Mr Brocklesby took part in the Aldermaston marches, and he demonstrated recently at the Scunthorpe War Memorial on the anniversary of Hiroshima.

As a teacher. He was trained at Westminster College, London, and his first post was at Conisbrough Station Road School, just before the First World War.

After the war, and his trips abroad, he taught several schools in Scunthorpe over a period of 30 years, before he retired in 1954.

He last visited Conisbrough to give a short recital on the Conisbrough Methodist Church organ after it had been reopened in October.

Mr Brocklesby, who was cremated at Grimsby on Tuesday, was the second son of the late Mr and Mr is John Brocklesby, and his father was a magistrate, and a former chairman of Conisbrough Council.

He leaves two daughters, by his first marriage, and a widow.

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