Conisbro’ Soldier joins ‘Camel Corps’

May 1963

South Yorkshire Times, 18th May Conisbro’ Soldier joins ‘Camel Corps’

South Yorkshire Times, May 18th

Conisbrough Soldier joins “Camel Corps”

Driver Keith Redfern, R.A.S.C., of 37, Park Road, Conisbrough, was a member of a 27 strong party of British soldiers and airmen who recently enjoyed a holiday with a difference – trekking 50 miles across the Libyan Desert in their own caravan of camels.

Keith was one of 17 members of 38 company, Royal Army Service Corp, based in Tripoli, Libya, who joined in the expedition as part of their adventure training program, camping in the Desert “Under the stars” and cooking their own meals.

The “Camel Corps” spent three days “On the hump”, making nomadic desert dwellers rub their eyes in astonishment as they saw a caravan of Europeans moving past their tents.

For Keith, who joined the Army in August 58, it was his first camel trip. He commences, “I really enjoyed myself, it was a good laugh.”

The members of the party were taught “Camel commands” – “Zaa!” and “Barra” for go and “Oos! Oos!for stop, though they found the camel a stubborn and unpredictable an animal which did not alwaysobey orders.

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