Conisbrough 1852

1852 Whites Sheffield & District Directory CONISBROUGH, or Coningsborough is a handsome well-built village, mostly on the bold acclivity betwixt the River Don and Doncaster Road, 12 miles north east of Sheffield and about 1 mile from Strafford Sands, and which part of the name wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill is derived. Its parish contains about 5000 acres of land, and 1532 inhabitants and includes Clifton, a village on a lofty eminence, 1 1/2 miles to the south near Crookhill Hall.

Conisbrough is celebrated for the ruins of its ancient Saxon Castle, which stands upon a conical hill rising abruptly from the navigable river Don, at the east end of the village, and form one of the principal scenes in Sir Walter Scott’s popular romance of Ivanhoe. This admired ruin, which consists of the lofty shell of a large and strong circular tower, commands and extensive prospect of the fertile vale of the Don, and was once an impregnable fortress occupying the all crown of the eminence, and having the Don on the south and east, and a deep ravine between it and the village, from which it was anciently approached by a drawbridge. The moat is now filled up, and the ruin is kindly embowered in Elm, Ash, and other trees, some of which have grown to a considerable size within the castle walls.

S. W. Lane Fox, Esq is Lord of the Manor and extensive Honour of Conisbrough. The church (St Peter) is a vicarage valued at £206, in the gift of the Archbishop of York and incumbency of the reverent George Wright. The school and poor have separable small benefactions. Here is a station on the South Yorkshire railway. The parish is in Doncaster union.


(Marked * are at Clifton.)

Appleyard George and Joseph cabinetmakers

Armitage George schoolmaster

Bamford Ralph blacksmith

Beal William Painter: Goodlad Mrs

* Belden Richard castrator

Black Mr. George: Badger T. sawyer

Blythe John railway station master

Chadwick Mr. Joseph

Cooper Charles basket maker

Crawford John gardener, etc

Ellershaw Reverent Henry Academy, Old Hall

Fisher Henry Brown surgeon

Foote Charles N. surgeon

Freeman Charles land agent and confectioner

Glasby Charles beer house

Haigh John, plumber and glazier

Harrison Edward, druggist, post office

Harrison Joseph harrier and cow leach

Jennings Richard, Esq, Priory

Lindley William scythe, sickle and reaping hook manufacturer, Conisbrough Mills

Lodge Revt John curate

Oxley Thomas cattle salesman

Parkin William Esq The terrace

Peel Joseph coal merchant

Scholes Mr Charles: Rich Francis beer house

Simpson Simeone Taylor collector and registrar

Simpson Thomas Henry land agent and break, drain pipe etc manufacturer Ashfield house

Smith Eliz. and Co fire brick makers

Smith Francis parish clerk

Townend Rt. sadler and Miss, school

Tricket Edward grindstone quarry owner

Tyas Robertblacksmith

Walker George tanner

Wastney Mr William: Lee W. sawyer

Watkins John blacksmith

Watkin Miss Sarah Spring Dale

Watkinson Johncooper

Wilson William wood turner and sawyer

Wood Charles Brewers traveller

Woodhouse CharlesSexton

Woodyeare Rev John Fountaine B.A. Crookhill Hall

Wright Rev George vicar

Inns and Taverns

Eagle and Child Eliza Walker

Fox Matthew Chadwick (and Mason)

Hilltop Top InnFrancis Ogly (and brewer)

Railway Inn Robert Chadwick

Red Lion George Battersby

Star France’s sturdy

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