Conisbrough 1858 – Tithe Map

Tithe Act of 1836

The Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 replaced the Ancient payment system of Tithes in kind with monetary payments.

To enable this a series of Maps were drawn up throughout England.

Each Map apportioned the Tithe Areas by numbered sections.

Each section was documented indicating the Owner of the section, the resident. a description of the buildings on the section and the amount of Tithes payable on each section.

The 1858 Tithe Map of Conisbrough & Denaby

Through an examination of each section, dividing Conisbrough, Denaby and the Outlying Areas into a serious of 12 Maps we are able to build a detailed picture of the villages at that time.

We also include a detailed list of the 600 + Sections indicated.

Certain assumptions have been made:

Where the occupier is shown as `In Hand´ the owner is shown on the Tithe Map

Where no entry is shown as the occupier it is assumed that the occupier listed in the previous premises in the occupier of the current one.

Contents of Pages

Each page shows 2 Maps:

The Populated one indicating the owner and contents of each section

An enlarged Map for greater clarity of the Numbered Sections

The Final Pages include a Chronological listing of each Tithe Section indicationg Owner, Occupant, Description and Page Number on the Original Tithe Map Schedule

Many thanks to the Doncaster Archives and their staff for their assistance in this project Index

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