Conisbrough Boy Scouts Fair

January 1921

Mexborough Times, January 29th

Conisborough Boy Scouts Fair.

Visit of General Copley

The second of Conisborough troop of Boy Scouts held a “fair” in the Church Hall, on Saturday afternoon. The affair was opened by General Sir A. Bewicke – Copley, K.B.E., C.B. Accompanying the General on the platform were the reverent W.A. Strawbridge (vicar of Conisborough), Major Clark and Mr H.M. Morley (district secretary, Doncaster).

Major Clark commenced the proceedings by formally introducing General Copley to the audience as president of the Boy Scouts Association. Major Clark said the General was a true friend to the Boy Scouts, and what he did not know about the movement was not worth knowing. General Copley said he had great pleasure in coming to Conisborough. During the war he had become intimately associated with the Boy Scouts Association. His close intimacy with the movement increased his regard for their principles. The training they received in pure sport and discipline strengthened their characters and fostered patriotism. He was proud to be associated with them, more especially because of the interest which their beloved Prince of Wales displayed in the cultivation of Scout craft.

Sir William Birdwood, who was in command of the Australian forces, was of the opinion that the training the Boy Scouts of the Commonwealth had undergone, had been the means of cementing the Imperial forces. When they turned their attention to Russia they found such an influence was lacking. He (the general) was a believer in Socialism to a certain extent. When Capital and Labour were in unison, all went well; Labour without Capital could not exist.

Referring to the local leader of the Scouts, the general said, much time and leisure had to be sacrificed. It required great patience to train young men. ” What we all have to do is to try and make this little land of England better than we found it .” (Applause.) They must all learn to play the pure game. There was no selfishness in the Boy Scout movement.

On the call of Major Clark, three cheers were given for General Copley. The reverent W.A.Strawbridge spoke in glowing terms of the interest displayed by Major Clark and Mr Morley in the Doncaster and District Boy Scouts. Mr H.B.Morley said the Boy Scouts had a true friend in General Copley, who did not stint himself in time, labour or expense when the Scouts required help. General Copley afterwards paid a visit to the Conisborough second troop headquarters in Well gate, and visited the various parts of the fair in the Church Hall.

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