Conisborough Child Burned – Fatal Air Raid Precaution

November 1916

Conisborough Child Burned
Fatal air Raid precaution

An enquiry into the death of Sarah Elizabeth Hooks (four), 26 church Street, Conisborough was held in the Co-operative Hall, Conisbrough on Friday, by Mr Frank Allen.

Mrs Hooks said her husband was a soldier and deceased was her child. Witness slept with deceased on Wednesday night.

About 7.30 on Thursday morning deceased got out of bed. There was a paraffin lamp on the floor with a naked light. The lamp was on the floor to prevent, in the event of an air raid, light showing on the window. She had tried to shade the window, but the police complain that the shading was insufficient.

As deceased was getting into bed, her  nightdress, which was flannelette, caught fire. The flames spread rapidly. Witness tried to put them out, and eventually succeeded. She sent for Dr Forster, but the child died the same afternoon.

Dr Forster said he was called about nine o’clock. The child was burnt back and front practically all over, and died the same day from shock.

The coroner: Do you often have many cases which survive from burns in which flannelette is worn? – The Doctor: No, it is seldom they do.

A verdict of accidental death was returned

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