Conisbrough Girl not yet Traced

September 1963

South Yorkshire Times, September 21.

Conisbrough Girl not yet Traced.

It is a fortnight ago today (Friday) that a 16-year-old Conisbrough girl left her home in Dearne Street on her way to work, and disappeared without trace.

Yesterday her father, Mr Sam Martin, said he had not heard from his daughter and since she left the house at 6 AM on September 6 to seemingly catch a bus which would take her to the Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, worsted mill, where she was employed. Friends who travel with her had told him that Ann had not caught the bus that morning and not been to work since.

The police have made enquiries as far afield as Leeds and Wolverhampton and Mr Martin himself has been searching the Doncaster area, where her boyfriend worked on a fairground until the fair move to Leeds last week.

Mr Martin, who is having time off work to carry out the search, plans to visit Leeds in the hope of finding some clue.

“If she would just send a card saying she is all right, we would be less anxious.” said Mr Martin.

When and left she had very little money – four shillings at the most – and was wearing a royal blue three-quarter length coat with large pearl buttons and a grey nylon fur collar, over a flowered workssmockl with large red pockets, a royal blue skirt, white jumper, white flat heeled shoes and carrying a gondola type basket.

She is about 4’10” tall, with green eyes and copper tinted hair.

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