Conisbrough Head is Sports Instructor.

October 1963

South Yorkshire Times October 5.

Conisbrough Head is Sports Instructor.

Mrs C.W.James took up his position as headmaster of Conisbrough Morley Place Junior School on Tuesday.

Mr James, who is team manager of Rotherham United’s junior soccer team, was formerly deputy head of Maltby Lilley Hall Junior School for three years, and has been living in Rotherham.

He now plans to move into the schoolhouse later this month.

His previous appointments were at Maltby Crags Jr School, Alma Road Junior School, Rotherham, and for seven years before that at a secondary modern school in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Mr James was trained in P.T.and geography in Preston and Blackpool, and during his seven years military service, which took in the whole of the Second World War, he was Acting Captain in a glider squadron.

At the age of 42, he has an imposing list of Instructor awards, including coaching certificate from the Football Association, the Amateur Swimming Association, the Amateur Boxing Association and the Lawn Tennis Association.

Among his hobbies are art and music – especially the recorder and guitar.

Mr James’s 11 years old son, Peter, is a pupil in the first form of Mexborough Grammar School.

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