Conisbrough Hospital Sunday – A Successful Gathering

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5.

Conisborough Hospital Sunday.

A Successful Gathering.

The annual hospital demonstration at Conisborough, was held as usual on Feast Sunday afternoon, there being a large attendance at the open-air service held in a field near the Board schools, kindly lent by Mr BJ Clarkson.

It was the 11th gathering of its kind held in the historic village.

Shortly after two o’clock the sky became overcast, and a few drops of rain fell, but happily the rest of the day was fine, though the wind was somewhat cool.

A procession representative of the friendly societies and miners lodges was formed and paraded the principal streets, music being played on the way by the Conisborough and Denaby bands.

The Conisborough Fire Brigade was well represented, the men in charge of captain W. Jones. A number of Mexborough firemen also took part in the demonstration, under captain W. S. Pettitt, and Supt George Turner, of the Rotherham Corporation Fire Brigade, brought over a number of his men, and the Doncaster Corporation Brigade was represented by superintendent C Gregory.

The appearance of the procession was rendered more imposing by the presence of the banners of the Denaby Main branch and the Cadeby Main branch of the Yorkshire Minus Association, the Conisborough branch of the Glass Bottle Makers Association, and the Conisborough Lodge of the National Independent Order of Oddfellows.

About a dozen members of the West Riding County police force, were in attendance, under inspector Watson, of Mexborough, and Sgt Philipson, of Conisborough.

A feature of the procession was a large number of children included, the local branch of the Ancient Order of Foresters been thoroughly well represented in this section. The marshals were Mr H.Hirst and Mr W.Birkin.

Much of the success of the event was due to the untiring work of the hon secretary of the Conisborough Hospital Committee, Mr H. Fowler, and the Chairman of the committee, Captain W. Jones. Both these gentlemen were sanguine that when the receipts had all been accounted for it would be found that all previous records as to financial results will be eclipsed.

Grants from the proceeds are made by the local committee to the Montagu Cottage Hospital at Mexborough, and the Doncaster Infirmary.

Special hymns were sung at the service by an augmented choir, conducted by Mr J. K Bateson, the orchestral band been under the leadership of Mr H Sharp, whilst Mrs George Clarkson accompanied on an organ.

Mr CD Nicholson, of Stainton, who has presided on a former occasion, again accepted the position of Chairman. He was supported on the platform by the reverent WA Strawbridge, vicar of Conisborough; the reverent W. S. Maxey, Baptist minister; Mr C Holmes (Chairman of the Parish Council), Dr Craik, Mr C Brumpton (secretary of the Montagu Hospital), Mr F Allan (secretary of the Doncaster Infirmary), Superintendent Turner (Rotherham), Superintendent Gregory (Doncaster), captain Jones, Mr W.I. Gibbs (Denaby) and Mr H. Fowler.

In the course of the proceedings, it was announced that the collecting box at the Fox Inn (Mr J. Crossland’s) had been on that morning and found to contain £4 5s, as compared with £1 11 4d last year, and that at this Station Hotel (Mr J Lowes)£3 13 1d, as compared with £2 11s 3d, showing a gratifying increase in both cases.

Mr Nicholson, Chairman

The chairman, after thanking the local committee for their invitation, said he was glad to join in doing one of the grandest works it was possible to carry out. Had he been a clergyman he would probably have taken for his text the words “Faith, Hope, and Charity” – they have faith in what they were doing, hope of the result, and he would leave to them all the matter of charity. (Hear, hear). Charity had commended itself to mankind in the ages long since gone by.

In one form or another charity was extended from the old Castle at Conisborough, when it was inhabited, to people going up and down the country, who had to seek relief and consolation somewhere. It had often been said to him that those Sunday demonstrations were not altogether, the thing. In a subsequent remarks, the speaker clearly show that he had no sympathy with that view.

He alluded to the fact that additional hospital accommodation is needed and about to be provided at Mexborough, and said that work could not be done without assistance from such gatherings. He asked them to make it a record day in regard to the financial results.

Recently in more ways than one, there being called upon to extend their sympathy and admiration to fellow countrymen, who, after doing their duty in South Africa, and returned. That interest would subside in course of time, but they had another interest to take up, and that was to help in giving relief and consolation to suffering fellowmen. In conclusion the chairman uttered a reminder that non-present knew how soon they might require attention at one or another of the institutions were asked to assist.

Supt Turner of Rotherham


Supt Turner, of Rotherham, who took part in last year’s demonstration, expressed the opinion that there was a larger number of people present than on the previous occasion. That showed the people were taking great interest in hospital work. He hoped they would have a red letter day in the history of the movement at Conisborough.

He took a lively interest in the welfare of the working classes, in the matter of accidents, and sickness, and was a life Govenor of the Rotherham Hospital and a member of the Board of management. It was his privilege to be able to distribute 20 recommends a year, and when they were gone he was ready to go and beg others. In that, as in other matters, unity was strength, and they should combine and do all they possibly could to help to relieve suffering. In a district where they were collieries, iron and glass works, accidents, happen that no one else could attend to properly but doctors. He had often told the men of his Fire Brigade that if ever he met with an accident while on duty they must take him to the hospital.

He could of course have medical attention at home, but at the hospital there was every convenience and appliance for dealing with accidents. They were bidden to love one another, and by doing so they were obeying a commandment which God had laid down. Towards the conclusion of his speech Superintendent Turner declared his intention of “going round with the hat.” Suiting his actions to his words, he made a collection, with the result that he gathered in £1 17s 3d , to which the Chairman added a pound.

Rev W.S.Maxey

The reverent W. S. Maxey said he was glad to be present because he noticed the spirit of the service was religious. He spoke on behalf of Him, who had set the example of living for those who were needy and for the sake of those who needed His help. The speaker urged all present to do their utmost to help on the good work.

Mr C Brumpton, Montagu Cottage Hospital

Mr C Brumpton, in the course of his report on the work of the Montagu Cottage Hospital, said that of the 96 patients treated during last year, 17 lived at Denaby and six at Conisborough. Last year was a very good one, the income from all sources. Be nice on record. A new hospital was required, more commensurate with modern requirements. An ideal site have been obtained away from the town, but no further from Conisborough and Denaby than the present building. He thanked the people of Conisborough, on BR for the committee, for the valuable assistance rendered in past years, and expressed the hope that the same would be continued.

At intervals between the speeches the following hymns were sung: “Mighty God, while angels bless thee.” “,, Gracious spirit, heavenly dove” (Pentecost), “O, precious cross of Jesus” (St Christopher), “O Love Divine, how sweet thou art” (Ravendale), “Just as I am, without one plea” (Agnus Dei) and “Jesu, high and lowly.”

The Conisborough and Denaby bands each played a suitable selection.

Capt Jones, Conisborough Fire Brigade

After the service, Captain W. Jones said the men of the Conisborough Fire Brigade were able, through the kindness of Conisborough friends, to entertain the visiting fireman to an excellent tea at the Fox Inn. The gathering was interesting, and showing the feeling of comradeship that exists between the firemen of the district. A couple of weeks previously there had been a competition of firemen at Rotherham, and the Conisborough brigade, were adjudged the winners of the challenge shield, which had beenwon only once before, and that was by the Bradford Corporation Brigade. The shield was on view at the fire station, and was an object of much interest. After tea a collection was taken amongst the company in aid of the hospital form, the sum of 20 shillings being raised in this way.

The cost of a few remarks, Captain Jones said he thought if everybody would appreciate hospitals as much as fireman did such institutions would be in a better financial position than they were. (Hear, hear). After alluding to the difficulties he first had to overcomewhen hetook charge of the Conisborough brigade, Captain Jones said it was now admitted to be second to none as a village brigade. He believed the inhabitants were now proud of the brigade to a man.

He was pleased to see their friend, Mr W.I.Gibbs present. Mr Gibbs had been 18 years in the Fire Brigade service, and was still a fireman at heart. (Hear, hear). He was always willing to assist fireman whenever he possibly could.

Mr W. I. Gibbs

Mr Gibbs spoke if you words in acknowledgement of the Fire Brigade, and said he was heart and soul in Fire Brigade work. There was nothing pleased him better than to see a smart Fire Brigade. What the lifeboat was to the sea the Fire Brigade was the land. In the course of further remarks Mr Gibbs gave some excellent advice to firemen as the carrying out of their duties and the keeping up of a feeling of comradeship. He was anxious to promote good feeling between the neighbouring brigades at Mexborough, Conisborough, and will give a prize for them to compete following friendly rivalry at any time that would be convenient to them.

Note: other speeches were made by the Rev Strawbridge, Dr Craik, Supt Turner, superintendent Gregory, Mr F. Allen and others, not included

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