Conisbrough Isolation Hospital – “More Kicks Than Halfpence”

June 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 16

Conisborough Isolation Hospital

“More Kicks Than Halfpence”

At a meeting of the Doncaster and Mexboro´ Isolation Hospital Joint Board on Wednesday, Mr. W. Appleyard presiding, a letter was received from Coun. A. Winter (Mexboro´) thanking the medical superintendent, Dr. W. J. Maclure and his staff, for the kindness and sympathy they had shown to his child, who had been a patient at the Institution.

Mr. Maclure said he was glad that such an expression had come from Mexboro´. The Mexboro´ people with whom he had had dealings at the Hospital were rather more inclined to give out more kicks that halfpence.

Mr. J. E. Cliff: But we are improving.

Dr. Maclure, in his report, stated that at the beginning of May there were 33 patients – 6 diphtheria, 21 scarlet fever and 6 smallpox; 33 patients were discharged during the month, 15 scarlet fever, 12 smallpox, 5 diphtheria and 1 enteric.

Sixty cases were admitted – 21 scarlet fever, 2 enteric, 15 diphtheria and 22 smallpox. Three patients died from diphtheria, leaving 57 in the hospital at the end of the month. All the smallpox cases came from Bentley, Woodlands, Arksey and New Edlington.

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