Conisbrough Isolation Hospital





The monthly meeting of the Doncaster and Mexborough joint hospital board was held on Wednesday at the isolation hospital Conisbrough, presided over by Mr R Snow.

The clerk read a letter regarding the cost and use of the telephone. The letter stated that “unlimited calls coal” were now obsolete, and the costs will be £15. A discussion arose as to whether that sum would cover a certain number of calls. The chairman suggested that an enquiry should be made, so that, if it was necessary, restraint could be made in the use of the instrument. The matter was left in the hands of the clerk.

Mr Watson raised a question asked to whether the new motor ambulance had been insured.

The Clerk replied that the vehicle was insured for all damage over £10.

Mr Athron thought that several insurance companies should being asked as to their charges instead of just one.

The tenders for the supply of coal were considered and the offer of Dalton Main for house coal 12s 4d, engine coal 11s 10d, for six months was again accepted.

The Clerk stated that an advertisment had been inserted in a paper for a probationary nurse, and he had only had one reply. That was from this Elsie Ellis (19), of March Street, Conisbrough. Her application and testimonials were considered, and it was decided to appoint Miss Ellie, subject to the approval of the Doctor.

A the medical superintendent´s report stated that at the beginning of the year there were 96 cases in the hospital – 21 enteric, 69 Scarlet, and 6 diphtheria.

During January 44 cases were admitted if – 7 for enteric, 33 scarlet and 6 for diphtheria.

In the month of January 46 were discharged – 16 enteric, 27 scarlet and 3 diphtheria cases. Two died of diphtheria during the month.

The motor ambulance was working quite satisfactory, but it seemed to consume a large quantity of petrol.

Mr Watson: We have five cases of scarlet fever in Mexborough for which there are no beds available. The Sanitary committee of Mexborough have gone into the matter, on the advice of the medical officer, and suggest that as scarlet fever cases are more serious and infectious that diphtheria cases, patients suffering from that disease should be given preference over diphtheria cases.

Mr Drewery supporter this suggestion and it was decided to adopt it.

A discussion took place relative to the uniform of the driver of the ambulance, and it was eventually agreed to fully equipped the driver and to provide a mirror for driving purposes.

It was stated that in many instances the motor ambulance was a great improvement. At first the vibration was felt by the patient´s, but that had been diminished considerably. Much valuable time was saved. It was decided to have the old ambulance van repaired and make ready in case of a breakdown of the motor ambulance.

An application was read from the engineer requesting the board to purchase a lathe for repair work.

Mr Golding and Mr Rowan had investigated the matter and reported to the meeting – it was decided to purchase the lathe at a cost of about £5 or £15

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