Conisbrough Notes – Professional, Building Works, United Brass Band

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 25.

Conisborough Notes.

Conisborough’s Professional

At the close of this use cricketing season, the committee of the Conisborough Cricket Club held a meeting to consider question of engaging a professional and groundsman for next season.

George Hardy, of Denaby, were been engaged by them as Saturday. “Pro” during the last season had signified his intention of seeking a position next season as a professional and groundsman, and the committee, not wishing to lose that players valuable help, offered him the position at 35 shillings (£1.75) per week and benefit. Hardy accepted this offer, and the committee were then under the impression that the matter was settled.

Shortly after this, the Denaby Main Cricket Club advertised for a professional for next season, and amongst the numerous application received was one from Hardy. The committee of the Conisborough Cricket Club were amazed at this. They could not understand Hardy making an application when he had practically come to terms with them. This action of Hardy’s therefore raised the whole question again, and a meeting of the Conisbrough club’s committee was held on Tuesday evening, when the question was discussed.

Hardy’s action, was severely condemned, and eventually it was decided to advertise for a professional and groundsman for next season. It was also decided to offer to engage Hardy as match pro, at exactly same terms as last season; so it appears that Hardy, whose application did not meet with success ait Denaby, has lost both positions.

Building Works

Building operations seem to be very brisk in Conisbrough. In Doncaster road new houses are in course of erection. My Mr Downing, Mr Whitefield; Mr Kilner is further adding to his property in Burka, and I hear that very shortly there will be a number of houses erected in Earnshaw´s Lane. It appears that the increasing rates do not stop rapidly building.

Conisbrough United Brass Band

The Conisbrough United Brass Band have for several years been labouring under financial difficulties. To remedy this state of affairs. The committee work very hard will stop. Last year a scheme was adopted on making new members by having “members subscription cards,” whereby each member taking a card subscribed to the band’s funds one penny per week; this scheme has worked very well, and it is proposed to continue it. During the past year one or two instruments (new) have been purchased, and others repaired, at a cost of about £20.

Still to make the band more complete and efficient as it should be more new instruments are required, also new music, bandstands, etc, so that the band is sadly in need of funds.

In order to raise this necessary money, it has been decided to try and make the band more popular, by electing an “independent committee,” who will carry on all the business connected with the band, and be responsible for all properties belonging to it. It has been decided that the members of the band should meet on Saturday afternoons at suitable places in Conisbrough and play a choice selection of music.

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