Conisbrough Outlines Development Plans.

July 1960

South Yorkshire Times, July 25, 1960

Conisbrough Outlines Development Plans.

News of an extensive housebuilding programme and new industrial development in Conisbrough, was contained in a statement issued by Conisbrough Urban Council on Wednesday.

After a special meeting of the Highways Committee, a statement was made by the Council of the intention to build 100 houses a year for the next 18 years – possibly more.

The clerk, Mr R.F.Edwardson estimated an increase in the district population from the present 18,000 to nearly 23,000 by 1981.

The statementsuggested several changes to the Town Map, including the zoning of 251 acres of land for development for over 3000 household, and the “comprehensive” clearance of Denaby Main at the rate of 60 houses a year.

Factory Site.

Reference was made to the proposed development by the Doncaster firm of Mining Supplies Ltd at the former ICI factory site at Denaby.

After hearing that the company proposed to expand the initial 15,000 ft.² factory space to 47,000, and eventually to 200,000 the council proposed that the present 20 acre site zoned for industrial purposes, be increased to 34 acres for surface development, +13 acres for underground storage. The latter proposal is designed to preserve the amenities of woodland in the area.

The Council agreed initially to recommend the zoning of 14 or 15 acres of land for residential purposes by the company, enough for 200 houses.

Cllr R Shephard said that new industry could help to ease the burdens on the ratepayers, and could be a means of keeping down rents, which would be likely to rise in the future.

Cllr FM J Prendergast thought the Council had been “very wise” in its attempt to help Mining Supplies Ltd. The district was largely dependent on two mines, he said, with the labour force in this industry shrinking, the new industry will provide opportunities for future generations









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