Conisbrough Parish Church Harvest Festival.

October 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 21.

Conisbrough Parish Church Harvest Festival.

The first festival that has been held at this church, to return thanks for a good harvest, took place last Friday evening, and the edifice was most artistically adorned for the occasion; indeed we think that great taste and more amount of labour must have been bestowed on the decoration of the sanctuary than on any other church in the district.

The effect was very pleasing. In addition to the ordinary garden and feel produce, some choice plants from Conisbrough conservatories were introduced, along with well executed Scriptural texts. Several luscious bunches of grapes home from the pulpit, apples were also arranged upon moss and wheat, and a miscellaneous selection of fruit and flowers with their place. The screen was entwined with wheat and berries and from the top were suspended some fine grapes.

There was also the text, of “I am the true vine,” prepared in wheat and lying upon red cloth, evergreens and red berry surrounding it. On either side of the screen was part of the Lord’s prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread,” the work of some very patient hand. The letters were composed of a variety of different coloured flowers and looked very pretty. Around the invocation wheat and evergreens were placed.

The lecturn was enveloped with moss and evergreens, relieved by some fine grapes. A closer scrutiny also disclosed the fact that toadstools were “growing” in different parts of the moss; rather a novelty. This. Lying in the corner near the lecture and were a number of plants in full bloom, and a collection of cabbages, fruit and evergreens. The massive pillars were garlanded with leaves, bearing the autumn tints and evergreens. We should imagine that every garden product was placed in the Windows but they seem to be short of nothing. The vegetables were spread out on Moss, accompanied by wheat and hopes.

In one window there was also the text, “I am the bread of Life,” put together in/, and in others. “Hallelujah,” and the motto, “I.H.S..” The font and an much praise bestowed on its ornamentation with fruit, flowers and evergreens, and the altar, though mentioned last, and not been the least looked after, for it was decked with an abundance of good things, and with very good taste too.

We should also mention that Indian corn and hops were using the decorations, and that some sickles were sent by Mr . Booth. Those friends were so generously sent contributions were Mr Colley, Mr Greaves, Mr T.H.Simpson, Mr hills, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Arthur Simpson, Mr to IBA, Mr Bly, Mr booth, Mrs wood yeare (Crook Hill Hall), Mrs Ward and Miss Twining.

The credit for the beautifying of the church is due to Mr and Mrs Greaves, Mr and Mrs Colley, Mr T.H.Simpson, Mrs Hills, Mrs H Simpson, Mrs Donner, Miss Duncan, Miss Twining, and the number of her scholars and others.

At the time announced for the service, to commence the church was crowded. During the singing of the first same the Vicar of Conisbrough, the Vicar of Mexborough, and the Rector of Sprotbrough, along with the choir, walked in procession to their various seats, followed by the churchwardens.

The reverent H Ellershaw, M.A., vicar of Mexborough, read the first lesson; the reverent A.H.Faber, rector of Sprotbrough, gave the second lesson, and the prayers were in town by the vicar, the reverent, J.G.Wood. After singing the hymn commencing,

“We plough the fields and scatter.

The good seed on the land,

but it is fed and watered.

By Gods Almighty hand,”

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