Conisbrough say “no” to Houses for Scottish Miners.

March 1963

South Yorkshire Times, March 30.

Conisbrough say “no” to houses for Scottish miners.

Because of the sizeable Denaby Main slum clearance scheme, Conisbrough Urban Council will not be able to help the NCB the houses 200 miners and their families, transferred from the depressed Scottish, Northumbrian and Durham areas.

The Council have approved a recommendation of the Housing Committee to this effect.

“It is a question,” said Chairman of the Housing Committee, Cllr J.Prendergast, at the last Council meeting, “of our commitments and the expeditious manner in which the Coal Board expected us to go about this.”

Councillor G.Cheshire thought that the Council must consider its own area before helping miners from other parts of the country.

The demolition scheme actually gets underway on April 1, when the first Clearance order, for 63 houses in the Barmborough Street area of Denaby, comes into force.

The Clerk to the Council, Mr R.F.Edwardson, pointed out this week that the Council’s rehousing program is well renowned even though the direction of houses on Sheffield road has been delayed by the bad weather.

The 74 houses on the site should in fact be completed within 18 months.

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