Conisbrough Teacher to be Rehoused

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 23.

Conisbrough Teacher to be Re-housed

Thrybergh teacher and secretary of the Rotherham Northeast district of the Girl Guides Association, Miss Sheila Wallwork, of 23 Birch Grove, Conisbrough, is to be rehoused by Conisbrough Urban Council, who on Wednesday reconsidered their previous decision to turn her out of her home.

Miss Wallwork protested to the Council recently when they refused to grant her a transfer of tenancy after the death of her grandfather. Mr Walter Sissons, with whom she had lived since she left London as an evacuee child during the war.

Roused by the Council’s decision, neighbours of Miss Wallwork on the Council´s Windmill Estates, raised a petition in protest, signed by 174 residents.

The headmaster of the small Thrybergh school where Miss Wallwork teaches also wrote to the Council asking them to change their minds.

The Council finally discussed the problem in committee on Wednesday evening and decided that although Miss Wallwork must give up her Birch Grove Terrace house, she will be granted alternative accommodation in a prefabricated bungalow in Elm Green Lane, Conisbrough.

The Clerk of the Council, Mr R.F. Edwardson, said yesterday, that a letter had immediately been sent to Miss Wallwork, informing her of the Councils decision.


Sheila was my husband’s (David f. Sissons) cousin, and Walter was his Grandfather.
His family emigrated to Australia 1960, where we met ,married, and had 3 children, David, Katrina and Sarah.

from Maureen Sissons


3 thoughts on “Conisbrough Teacher to be Rehoused

  1. Maureen Sissons

    Sheila was my husband (David f. Sissons) cousin, and Walter was his Grandfather.
    His family emigrated to Australia 1960, where we met ,married,and had 3 children, David, Katrina and Sarah.

    1. james Post author

      Thanks Maureen

      I have added a note to the page.

      What happened to Sheila ?

      I see that she was rehoused in the prefabs



  2. Maureen Sissons

    Sheila got married and had two children, a son and daughter. She died some years ago, and her twin brother Brian passed away 2 months ago.
    Sheila and Brian’s only other living sibling Anthony lives in Kent.


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