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Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Kaye, who had resided in Denaby Main for about 50 years and has played a prominent part in the civic and social life of Conisbrough Urban District, suddenly became ill just ten days ago and died on Tuesday aged 84 at her residence, 60 Tickhill St, Denaby Main.

Mrs. Kaye was the widow of Mr. Mark Kaye, who was well known in the locality as a pioneer of cricket and a good worker for the local club before his death in 1909.

Mrs Kaye had given much of her time to public life and was greatly interested in politics the Labour cause claiming her services. As a Labour nominee she served on the Conisborough Council for nine years, and had the distinction of being the first woman elected as a councillor in the district.

She was also the first woman Council Chairman and during her period of office Civic Sunday was held at the Denaby Roman Catholic Church of St Albans for the first time.

She was also the first woman Magistrate to be appointed to serve on the Doncaster Bench and the second woman Magistrate appointed in Yorkshire. For periods she served on the Conisborough Education Sub-Committee and Mexborough Secondary School Board of Governors and

She was a keen supporter and student of the Worker´s Educational Association tutorial classes when they commenced some years ago in Denaby Main. Several times attending summer courses at Oxford.

She was for many years connected to the local Nursing Division and again was among the first to obtain her gold medallion, which was presented to her by the late Mr. W. H. Chambers, and also obtained a medal for her services in connection with the work of the Nursing Sisters for assistance rendered at the Cadeby Colliery explosion in July, 1912.

During the Great War she turned her nursing experience to good account, and worked for two years in charge of the first-aid room at the Munition Works of Messrs Baker and Bessemer Ltd, Kilnhurst.

Being a former president of the Women´s Section of the local Labour Party, at their annual tea on Tuesday at the Miners´ Welfare Institute, the members stood in silence for two minutes as a tribute to her memory. More recently she had attended A.R.P lectures organized in the locality.

It was largely through her that the opening of the Fullerton Hospital was formulated and she was the first person to commence collecting subscriptions with a view to a local hospital being provided. This money was eventually handed over to the Fullerton Hospital.

Mrs. Kaye was born in Ireland but came to England at an early age. During the 56 years that she had lived in Denaby Main she had varied experiences which she could relate in a very interesting manner.

She and her husband were twice evicted from their home during strikes and in one of the early strikes the late Mr. Kaye was shot in the arm. Her family of eight sons and one daughter are still living although not all locally.

One of her sons Mr. Harry Kaye has followed in her footsteps in point of public service and has served on Hemsworth Rural Council for many years. He has also been the President of the Frickley Branch of the Yorkshire Mineworkers Association for 18 years.

South Yorkshire Times

Obituary 9 December 1938

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