Conisbrough UDC – Should Children Help ?

June 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15, 1940

Short Meeting
Conisborough U.D.C.
Should Children Help?

At one of their shortest meetings on record, Conisborough Urban Council on Wednesday discussed a resolution from the Mirfield Urban Council protesting emphatically against the alleged refusal of the West Riding County Education Committee to allow children to collect waste paper in their schools and to permit children to help farmers. The Mirfield authority also objected to the Education Committee´s prohibition of the formation of savings groups in their schools and the collection of eggs.

Coun. F. Kelsall, a member of the Conisborough Savings Committee, explained that week they had received a circular in Conisborough whereby the County authority gave permission for savings groups to be started in the school alongside the Yorkshire Penny Bank.

Coun. A. M. Carlin reported that at Station Road School the headmaster, Mr. A. E. Platt, had told him that out of 200 children he had asked 180 had said that they would join the school group.

The Surveyor (Mr. H. Thirlwall) pointed out that the children and the teachers in the urban district were co-operating in the collection of waste paper, and this was being collected from the schools.

It was agreed that the letter should lie on the table.

Great War Trophies as Scrap

The Council approved a recommendation by the Allotments and Pleasure Grounds Committee that the Surveyor´s action in including the guns in Coronation Park in scrap metal available for disposal by endorsed. Coun. A. Wellings pointing out that the country was wanting metal and they were giving them the privilege of taking the guns.

The Clerk (Mr. Spencer Baker) suggested that the Emergency Committee might be reconstituted. There would, he explained, be a great deal of work for the committee and it might be required for consultative purposes at very short notice.

On the propositon of Coun. Roberts, it was agreed that the Chairman (Coun. T. J. Gregory) should be co-opted on the existing committee of four, Couns. R. H. and T. Shephard, H. Gomersall and D. Sheldon

The Council approved a recommendation of the Highways and Sanitary Committee that in view of the difficulty in hearing the air raid siren in certain parts of the district the Clerk should approach the authorities with respect to an improvement in the existing siren or for an additional siren to be installed.

A plot of land from the Wadworth Street Allotments, Denaby, has been taken for a school garden for St. Alban´s Catholic School, Denaby.

On the recommendation of the Finance Committee it was decided that officers of the Council with salaries under £300. per annum should be paid a bonus for the increased cost of living of 6 per cent on their salaries as recommended by the Yorkshire Joint Council for the Local Authorities Administrative Technical and Clerical Services.



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