Conisbrough Vicar on Teenage Hooliganism.

June 1960


South Yorkshire Times, June 6.

Conisbrough Vicar on Teenage Hooliganism.

Parents intent only on “making whoopee” and juvenile courts, which are too “soft” with young offenders – these things are largely to blame for outbreaks of teenage hooliganism – So says the reverent George F. Braithwaite, vicar of Conisbrough, in a comment on “Mods and Rockers” in his parish magazine.

Fault Of Parents.

Mr Braithwaite writes “excuse me if I’m to “square” to know the difference. The two are so similar in hair brained irresponsibility that it doesn’t matter anyway.”

He goes on. “This type of irresponsibility and hooliganism, this semi-crime and near lunacy, the product of too much money, too much leisure, and too little discipline.

“It is the fault of parents who are more interested in the pursuit of the affluent society, ( making money, spending money, gambling in its many forms, and generally making whoopee) than in the well-being of their children.”

He continues: “it is the fault of an educational system that indicates a royal road to learning via fun and games rather than serious application to the business of teaching young people to live responsibly.

“It is a shame that so many capable teachers are expected to conform to such a system,” Mr Braithwaite adds.

Juvenile Courts.

He concludes: “And it is the fault of juvenile court people. The idea of guilt and soft soap young offenders in the mistaken idea of understanding them instead of checking them.

“It would be a good thing if all of us could set a better example of self-control and strictness of personal life. Until then we are not much in a position to censure the young of this lax and sloppy¬† generation.”








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