Conisbrough Whit Walk and Presentation Evening

June 1963

South Yorkshire Times June 8.

Mr J Henderson (second from left), presents the Mary Davis Challenge Cup to Ken Gwatkin at Conisbrough Whit Walk presentation evening on Friday at the Alma Inn, Conisbrough

South Yorkshire Times June 8.

Seventeen in Whit Walk.

Brilliant sunshine greeted the large crowd who made that extra effort and got out of bed early on Whit Monday morning to watch the fourth annual walk at Conisbrough.

A large number gathered around the Eagle and Child Hotel a long while before the walk was due to start and listened to the Edlington Pipe Band. When 10 o’clock arrived this – starting time – large crowds lined parts of the route through the village. A popular place was in Church Street, where the crowd saw the walkers on their way down to the Station Hotel.

Although additional prizes had been added this year – including a cup presented by William Stones Brewery Ltd – the entries were lower than in previous years and only 17 contestants lined up at the start in what were described as “ideal walking conditions”.

10 men and 7 women made up the total “card” and although so small in numbers they really puteffort and fine walking returns from fine times over the 4 1/2 mile course.

Age once again proved no obstacle, both young and old, were represented. Veterans were seen in the lineup once again, and included such well-known walkers as George Herbert and J.T.Brannon, who once again completed the course and recorded some good times.

The oldest entrance was once again Mrs Amy Cliffe, the 72-year-old Conisbrough housewife and grandmother, who amazes everyone with her stamina and walking. A competitor in the three previous walks, she completed the course in 55 min and last year in 60 min. Her time on Monday 59 min 46 secondsshowed herdetermination and good spirit and bears out her claim that “walking helps you feel a lot younger.”

Only a second separated the first and second man home, showing the close competition and good walking found in the lineup.

Only a few yards from the Alma Inn, the finishing point, the two walkers who had held the lead for the whole of the raise – K Gwatkin and J Casey were only feet apart and it was Gwatkin who applied the final effort across the line ahead of Casey.

Both men are excellent walkers and should continue to keep the standard of walking high in these annual walks.

Organisation was once again excellent – the licensee from the various hotels throughout the village again put in some good work and allowed their premises to be used by the walkers for changing. The support of motorists was noticed and the way in which they willingly gave way to the crowd of supporters and the perspiring walkers.

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