Council Meeting – A.R.P. – Andersons – Wasted Land

November 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, November 16

Extensions for Shelters?

Conisboro´ Reference to “Andersons”

Council Hint to Gardeners

After Coun. J. T. E. Collins had commented on the Council´s inability to install shelters of the “Haldane” type on their own, the Chairman of Conisborough Urban Council A.R.P. Committee (Coun. H. Gomersall), at the Council meeting on Wednesday, said everyone, with the exception of those who had refused shelters, had been catered for and concluded by stating: “Whatever we can do for the benefit of the townspeople of Conisborough, backed by the Home Office, we shall do”

The discussion arose after the Surveyor, Mr. H. Thirlwall, had announced that the Ministry of Home Security had asked that a survey be made of the number of owners of Anderson shelters who would require to sleep in the shelters, regularly during recurrent air raids. This survey was being made and if the people concerned would accept extensions and erect them on their sites, or if it was necessary, re-erect the shelter, they would be supplied with the necessary parts for the extension. There was no talk of bunks as yet, but this question would arise when the survey was completed. The Surveyor added that the Council had now received a number of stirrup pumps for sale to the public at £1 each, and this gave the public a chance to form fire parties of their own. Instruction would be given in the use of the pump by the Fire Watchers.

A.R.P. Progress

Coun. R. H. Shepard commented that Conisborough was justly proud of its progress in A.R.P. Their A.R.P. service was second to none.

Coun. Collins commented on the Council´s failure to secure deep bombproof shelters, and said he did not think they should shout so much about it.

Coun. Gomersall said the “Haldane” shelter question had only arisen quite recently. The Council could not transform the present shelters because it was impossible to obtain concrete. Referring to a remark of Coun. Collins regarding the Council´s lack of courage in the job of getting bomb-proof shelters, Coun. Gomersall said the Council were not lacking in courage and had approached the Ministry of Home Security, but were unable to get the support of the Home Office.

Wasted Land

Coun. Knowles referred to the Council´s decision to bring pressure to bear on the people who failed to cultivate their gardens. He asked whether any impression had been made on these people. There would be a need for home grown food and it was a shame to allow this ground to go derelict, and it was not as though these people had miles to go to an allotment.

Coun. Wellings said the Allotments Committee had recommended that the Council ask Leeds University to arrange a series of lectures on gardening. The Committee had also recommended that two demonstration plots be laid out at Denaby and Conisborough and cultivated on the lines outlined in the lectures. The Denaby plot will be opposite No. 66, Ravenfield Street, and that at Conisborough will be off Old Road.

Coun. Ben Roberts who presided then made the presentation of a number of certificates under the National Civil Defence Safe Driving Campaign, commenting on the creditable performance of the winners of certificates. An appeal was made by the Chairman for ambulance drivers. Certificates went to: Gladys H. Glasby, George F. Cole, Hall Downing, Violet Hill, Eric Appleyard, Edward Shilito, and Charles William Parke (since left).


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