Denaby & Cadeby – Cricket Knockout Talent Showcase

February 1960

South Yorkshire Times, February 8.

Cricket Knockout Talent Showcase

The knockout cricket competition, organised last season by Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club was a “huge financial and social success,” which, as well as providing an interesting afternoon´s sport, was also a showcase for local talent, said Mr H Foster, president of Denaby and Cadeby Sports Club at the club’s annual meeting on Sunday, when he hoped that the competition next season will be just as sporting and successful.

He said the competition had been up for local clubs in the Conisbrough urban district, and nearly became a financial lifeline.

“It was very much enjoyed by the 20 clubs taking part,” he said.

“It would be worthwhile running the competition if only for the social aspect” as the attendances at the matches was astounding.

“The ground was filled with spectators, and the all thing was a credit to the cricket committee.

“The competition also provided a good showcase for local talent among the younger members, and we have quite good faith in the abilities of a new player who may join the club for next season,” he said.

Commenting on the general efforts of the club, Mr Foster said that the cricket sectionh ad an excellent season, but the balls and tennis section is and not be so fortunate. The first cricket team and will be South Riding League Section “A” but were unfortunate in being beaten in the quarter-finals for the Yorkshire Council Cup.

The second team had done fairly well in the Doncaster League.

Useful Coaching.

He also commented on the coaching lessons last season for youths aged 15 to 19 years, under the auspices of the Rockingham Institute for Further Education, saying that they had proved successful.

“The lessons did, and will do so again next season. Spotlight local talent from this area and may provide the team with several promising players,” he said.

On the bowls section, the President commented that the team, “Did not do as well as we would like them to do,” being bottom of one league and next to the bottom of the other league. “The Denaby area is well-known for export activities,” he said, “and we would like to see the teams higher next season.” The teams may have some new players for the 1964 season.

The tennis section Saturday, Mr William Hawley Thomas said that he was disappointed at the low membership numbers, there being less than 20 members in the section.

He said that a woman’s team had started in the Rotherham league and had done quite well, and that the mixed team had come third in the first division.

Officials Elected.

Before the election of officers took place, Mr Foster thank the local Press for the interest they are shown in the activities of the club.

The cricket “averages list” for the season are.

First team batting, Peter Downing 39.1, Arthur Ellis 36.9, R Dodds, 21.7.

First-team bowling, N Pearson 11.7, G Lant 12.2, R. Lawley 12.6.

Second team batting, A Jones 34.1, T Davies, 23.0, P Loftus 17.

Second team bowling, F Davis 9.8, N O’Connor 11.1, D Hough 13.7.

The only player to score a century was Arthur Jones, who knocked 114.

Re-elected for another year were the president, Mr H Foster, treasurer Mr A.B.Hough and financial secretary, Mr A. Jones.

A new face on the cricket committee for next season will be. Mr Derek Towers, who will replace Mr William Goodison, not seeking re election.

Other members of the Committee are: Messes J. Benfold, R Cory, L Dodd, G Davey, H Gomersall, J Humphreys, A Jones, B Jackson, W. Lawley, A Springthorpe, P.Wall, F Godfrey and F Whitehead










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