Cricketers received Cup and Plaques.

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 23.

Cricketers received Cup and Plaques.

Members of Denaby and Cadeby Athletic Club´s first cricket 11 reaped the fruits of a successful season on Friday, when they received the “South’s Yorkshire Times” Cup for their victory in the South Riding League championship.

At a tea and social evening in the Denaby Welfare Club, about 150 members of the club, players, their wives and friends gathered to see captain of the team, Dick Cory received the handsome cup, from Chief Inspector A. Todd, of the Sheffield City Police, secretary of the South Riding League.

In addition, each of the team received an engraved plaque, from the chairman of the Denaby and Cadeby Club, Mr Herbert Foster.

“We did very well this season.”, Commented Mr Amis Jones, the club secretary, “Playing 16 games in the South Riding League, we lost only one, to Rockingham, won nine of them and drew the rest, a creditable performance indeed.”

He added, “We were rather unfortunate in the Yorkshire Council game. Reaching a quarter-final we were unlucky to be knocked out by Wombwell, Elsecar, eventually winning the championship.”

Mr Jones said that all the players deserved congratulations. “Everyone tried their hardest and some fine play was witnessed, Gilbert Lant´s bowling deserves special mention.”, He said. Denaby and Cadeby have won the South Riding League championship in 1952 and 1962.

“Everyone deserves congratulations for their performances in the league”, commented Mr Foster, “they all played well and some of the finest cricket that has been seen at Denaby, was played.”

He added that the only thing that marred the success was the sad loss of two of the sections keenest supporters Messrs Les Williams and A Goodison. Mr Williams was also the Chairman of the Bowls Section of the Club.

“Both these men will be missed by everyone. They were both staunch supporters and always enjoyed coming along and watching the cricket,” he said.

Presentations were not completed on Friday. The second team who had quite a successful season, were to have received caps for their performances, but these were not available in time and will be presented later.

The tea organised by the secretary and the committee, replaced the usual annual dinner.

First team members receiving plaques were – R.Cory, W.Oakley, A.Ellis, N.Pearson, D.Lawley, G.Lant, R.Dodds, A.Hough, P.Colindridge, P.Downing and D.Hough and 12th man P.Taylor.

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