Cruelty to a Denaby Pony

January 1900

Mexborough Times, January 19.

Cruelty to a Denaby Pony.

The Denaby and Cadeby Main Colliery Company summoned Henry Martin, pony driver, Denaby for cruelly kicking a pony at the Denaby colliery on the second inst. The father of the lad appeared, and stated that the lad was in bed with influenza, and could not come. He was there to plead guilty for him.

Police Constable Waller proved the service of the summons.

Mr H.H. Hickmott appeared, on behalf of the company, and stated that at 8:30 on the day in question a witness name Prendergast was in 58 Crossgates, when he heard sounds apparently as of someone kicking a horse.

There was a bend in the road and as he turned and round he looked and heard the defendant say, “I will break your b – – – shins.” He saw the defendant kick the pony on the fore legs, and when he spoke to him he said the pony would not go.

The pony was found to be rather severely injured, and there was a wound on the forelegs, and two wounds on the off hind leg. The result was that the pony was off work for four shifts.

James Prendergast, a deputy, employed in the mine, gave evidence in support of Mr HickmottĀ“s opening statement. He said that the defendant kicked the pony because it would not pull.And he found that the defendant was wearing clogs at the time.

There had been no previous convictions against the defendant, but on one occasion he was stopped from having a pony because he was suspected.

The defendant was fined 30 shillings, including costs.

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