Cruelty to a Pony – Ill treatment not allowed in this District

January 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 25.

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby.

William Lee, pony driver, of Denaby, was summoned at the instance of the Denaby Main Colliery Company for cruelly ill treating a pony at Denaby on 7 January.

The defendant appeared and pleaded guilty.

Mr W. M. Gichard, solicitor, of Rotherham, prosecuted, and stated that the ill-treatment of the pony was, by kicking, raising a lump on the nearside of the body. When the defendant was spoken to about it, and asked if he did not know better, he said that he had only been working in the pit a week. He said that in another district, where he worked. They were allowed to kick the horses as much as they liked, and nothing was said.

The company wanted to teach the defendant and others that in this district they did not allow that kind of practice.

The defendant said his wages were 21/8 per week.

The Chairman (to the defendant): You must understand that this sort of thing won’t be allowed here.

Fined 20 shillings, including costs

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