Damaged Fences at Conisbrough.

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 18.

Damaged Fences at Conisbrough.

A married woman named Kate Gardiner, Conisbrough, was summoned for having, on September 26, done damage to a fence, the property of Mr Bosdin J Clarkson.

Mr W badly, were paid for the prosecution, said a great deal of damage had been done to fences in field belonging to Mr Clarkson, and he felt bound to take some steps to put a stop to it.

Mr Samuel Whitfield said he was the occupier of a field owned by Mr Clarkson at Conisbrough. He saw the defendant in the field with a couple of dogs. She went to a hedge, and pulled out a lot of sticks. He walked down the field towards her. She then had her arms filled with sticks, and she refused to give her name when asked for it. There had been a lot of damage done to hedges, and dogs taken into the field had killed a lot of his fowls.

Mr Bosdin J Clarkson, the owner of the field, fixed the costs of the damage done at one shillings, and said he did not desire to press the case, but had taken action as a precautionary measure.

The woman admitted having been in the field, but denied that she pulled the sticks out of the hedge, and said she picked them up from under a tree.

The Castle the case were 15/6 and the defendant was ordered to pay that amount, together with one shilling for the damage.

Is in the summons had been taken out by Mr Clarkson. Against George Dawson, a Conisbrough, labourer, the offence having been committed on the fourth inst.

Police Constable Barnett and Thompson, saw the defendant cross three fields breaking down hedges as he went.

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