Damaging a Fence at Conisborough – Gambling

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 15

Damaging a Fence at Conisborough.

Robert Luke, pony driver, Martin Ryall, miner, Edmund Horton, Oliver Potts, pony driver, William Holling, miner, Arthur Holling, pony driver, all from New Conisborough, were summoned by Bosdin J Clarkson for damaging a fence at Conisborough on 3 November.

Mr W Baddiley appeared to prosecute, and stated that Mr Clarkson was the occupier of some land at Conisborough, and it was not possible to get into the field without going over the fence. The defendants went into the field for the purpose of gambling, and on the date in question there were five policeman and Mr Clarkson and two of his men on the watch for the trespassers.

They caught the six defendants, who were inside the field gambling. Mr Clarkson had a great amount of damage done, until it came to such a pitch that he was determined to put a stop to it.

It was a second time he had recourse to police court proceedings.

PC Kilner, stated that he was on duty in company with PC’s Thomson, Lancaster, Barnett and Sergeant Philipson, in plain clothes on the date in question.

They saw the six defendants, in company with others in Mr Clarkson’s field.

Mr Clarkson estimated the damage done at 12 shillings.

The two Holling’s, who did not appear, were fined 30 shillings, including costs and the others 25 shillings, including costs.

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