Damaging a Fence at Conisborough – Schoolboy’s Bonfire Wood

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 22.

Damaging a Fence at Conisborough

George Arthur Marriott (13), schoolboy, New Conisborough, was summoned for having committed wilful damage to a fence at Conisborough, the property of Bosdin J Clarkson, on the fourth inst.

Mr Baddeley appeared to prosecute.

PC Barnett, deposed that on the date in question he saw the defendant, was accompanied by a brother and sister, with a hatchet, chopping complainant’s hedge. There are also a number of thorns and briars in close proximity to the house of the defendants mother, and they had evidently been removed from the newly chopped hedge.

When spoken to defendant said he had been getting some materials for making a bonfire.

The damage was estimated at two shillings.

The defendant, who had previously been before the court, was fined 10 shillings, and was also ordered to pay the costs, and damages, the former, amounting to 5 shillings and the latter two shilling

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