Damaging a fence at Conisborough.

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 16.

Damaging a Fence at Conisborough.

Thomas Holmes, driver, and Thomas Melody, filler, both of Conisborough, were summoned by Samuel Griffiths for damaging a fence at Conisborough, on 4 August.

Only Holmes appeared.

Mrs C.W.Hall, solicitor, of Doncaster, appeared for the complainant, and stated that there were some gardens owned by the Colliery Company at Denaby, were given them up. Some time ago, and Mr Montague took them over.

A church had been built there, and some gardens had been made against it. On the date in question the two defendants were walking through the gardens for the object of playing cards. The complainant ordered them to go out, and they went over some fences, smashing them down. They then went into an adjoining field, and commenced playing cards.

The complainant was anxious to put a stop to card playing in the gardens.

Complainant said that he had rented a garden at Conisborough for four months. There were 10 gardens. He stop the men on the date in question and asked them where they were going. They replied that they were going where they liked. They went or offence, and broke it down. There was a notice on the other side, to the effect that trespasses would be prosecuted.

He estimated the damage at one shilling each.

Holmes was fined eight shillings and the damage (one shilling) and Melody 2/6 and the damage and costs.




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