Damaging Grass at Conisboro’

June 1878

Mexborough Times, June 14, 1878.

Damaging Grass at Conisboro┬┤

Five youths, Colliers from Conisboro┬┤, were brought up on a charge of damaging grass belonging to Mr Caleb Kilner, of Conisboro┬┤, on the second inst. Their names were Joseph Parkinson, Robert Jackson, Lindsay Mackay, John Bull, and Joseph Billings.

PC Thirlby deposed that he was on duty on Sunday afternoon last, in plain clothes, and saw the defendant’s coming across a field belonging to Mr Kilner.

When they got over they sat down under a hedge. There were still on Mr Kilner’s land. He (witness) was about 20 yards from them. They commenced playing at cards. This would be about 3.30 on the Sunday afternoon.

He caught hold of Billings and the others run away. The damage was about 2d each. Billings threw some cards in the hedge bottom. They crossed two fields.

William Lewis deposed also to seeing the defendants in Mr Kilner’s field. He (witness): took hold of Parkinson. When they saw him coming they got over the fence and ran away.

Fined 6d each, damage 2d, and costs 12s 3d each.

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