Damaging Windows at Conisborough and Denaby

April 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times , April 1901

Damaging Windows at Conisborough.

Martin Myers, of Conisborough, was summoned by the Denaby Main Colliery Company for damaging Windows at Conisborough on 8 April.

Defendant did not appear.

Mr Baddeley appeared for the prosecution.

Jane Bowen, who resides at 64, Blythe Street, new Conisborough, said she knew Martin Myers, very well.

On Monday, 8 April. His sister was at her (witnesses) house. The defendantĀ“s sister had come over from London, and he had told her that she had had to sleep on the hard boards at home. The witness told her to come to her house and stay there. Between 10 and 11 o’clock the defendant came to her house, and asked if their Mary was there. His sister would not go home; she said she dare not.

Defendant, who was slightly the worse for drink threatened to break all the windows. He broke five front panes and two back ones.

Mr H.L.Smethurst, architect and surveyor at Denaby, stated that the damage was 14/6.(72.5p)

The defendant was ordered to pay 10 shillings and costs 16/6 and 14/6 damage.

Herbert Wathey, a little boy, was summoned for breaking windows at the Denaby Main School on 13 April.

Mr Baddeley appeared for the prosecution, and stated that the caretaker on the day named was in the school when he heard something strike one of the windows, which was smashed. He went out, and saw the lad in the act of throwing another stone. He shouted to him, but he took no notice of him, and threw the stone, which broke another window.

Mr Smathers, stated that the damage was 2 shillings. (10p)

Ordered to pay the costs 10 shillings and the damage 2 shillings

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