Dangerous Junction at Denaby Main

July 1963

A Dangerous Junction at Denaby Main

Following a serious accident at a Denaby road junction a fortnight ago, Conisborough urban council’s road and home safety committee are proposing measures to clear up one of local accidents “black spots.”

P.C. T. G. Harris told the committee on Monday that there had been four serious road accidents at the point where Loversall Street joined the main Doncaster-Barnsley road.

Traffic rounding a bend on the Conisborough side of the junction, was in danger of colliding with traffic filtering out of Loversall street into the main road, and P.C. Haris suggested that a sign could be erected before the bend, near the drill hall, warning drivers to slow down, as the result of an accident there a fortnight ago, people standing at a bus stop had nearly been mowed down by one of the cars involved.

He pointed out that the bend was on a fairly fast section of road.

Coun. T. Hill thought it would be a good idea to make Loversall Street a one way street, so that traffic would be forced to enter the main road further away from the bend.

The committee agreed to approach the Council’s Highways committee with the suggestion for Loversall Street and they will also ask that a “no exit” sign is put in Loversall Street and the County authority erect the proposed warning sign on the main road.

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